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Water, Water, Water

  Water plays an important role in good brain functioning.Our bodies require water to hydrate the blood and tissues, lubricate our joints, regulate temperature, and moisten the lungs to allow for breathing. So those stiff joints may actually be a lack of proper...

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Ten Dementia Warning Signs

How do I tell if my mom or dad has dementia? What are some of the warning signs? In this post I want to tell you about 10 warning signs that may indicate dementia is present. If you recognize them in your mom or dad, a trip to the doctor is warranted. Memory loss As...

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Is Your Mom or Dad Getting Enough Sleep?

Is you mom or dad getting a good quality sleep? Are they sleeping a lot during the day and then not very much at night? Are you worried that they are not well-rested when they wake up in the morning? Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for good brain health, yet...

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What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy? 

Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) is a series of mental exercises that stimulate the brain. Because of the concept of brain plasticity, we know the brain can continue to grow as we age. The key question for many of us is how do we make that happen? Read More.


How Do I Create Dementia Care That Is Meaningful and Engaging?

Individual programming is the key to creating dementia care that is meaningful and engaging for individuals and their families. Every individual has their own interests and abilities and that doesn’t change with a diagnosis of dementia. Read More.


How Do I Live a Healthy Lifestyle That Supports My Brain?

If you want to build a lifestyle that supports your brain health, it is a good idea to begin with thinking about your motivation and goals. Where are you at with respect to brain health and more importantly…what are your goals for the future? Read More.


How Do I Build Cognitive Resilience?

Early educational experiences have an impact on dementia risk later in life. Learning reduces dementia risk – so create a love for it that will last your whole life through. Read More.