Fit Minds Private Program

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Private – Personal Trainer for the Mind™

The Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind™ is a privately delivered, personalized cognitive stimulation therapy program for any senior, regardless of ability.

Lesson plans are customized to respond to their interests and abilities. The content changes as they progress through the program.

The Fit Minds algorithm creates the lesson plan based on prior assessments. The lesson is printed and prepared by the Coach for completion by the senior during their session.

Each lesson plan exercises five key areas of cognition:Personal Trainer for the Mind

  • language and music
  • visual/spatial orientation
  • memory
  • critical thinking
  • computation

Monthly assessment reports on cognition and engagement are provided to family and wellness staff.

Through the program, Fit Minds’ coaches develop deep personal relationships with the family and the senior.

Delivered by a certified Fit Minds® Cognitive Coach.



“Thank you Fit Minds for working with my Mom. She went from laying in bed and not wanting to socialize with others to playing bingo and trivia with other residents. I cried tears of joy when I saw my Mom doing a word find with her granddaughters while snuggling in bed together.  This was the first time she acted like a grandma in two years.”

Cindy Larvie, daughter of mom diagnosed with dementia

“Mom thrived with Fit Minds. She was so mentally aware at my wedding and she hadn’t been for so long.  After years of going downhill, she suddenly seemed to be going uphill.”

Marc Retzlaff, son of mom diagnosed with vascular dementia