Fit Minds Individual Program

Personalized cognitive stimulation therapy programming delivered by you

The Fit Minds Individual Program is designed to be delivered by a human being, not a computer. Each individual session is customized to respond to the individual’s interests and abilities. The content changes as the individual progresses through the program. With over 6000 exercises in the database, the cognitive stimulation therapy is interesting and engaging.

Content of the Individual Program

Each session contains exercises in five key areas of cognition:

  • language and music
  • visual/spatial orientation
  • memory
  • critical thinking, and
  • computation

This global approach to cognitive stimulation therapy has proven to be the most effective method of delivering CST. Each session gives a complete cognitive workout. Additionally, coaches can supplement the sessions with exercises using the Fit Minds manipulative kit.

While the program is accessed through a computer interface, the individual session is delivered by a human being. This focus on human interaction is the foundation of the program.

Generate Reports

The platform also allows coaches to generate detailed reports. Coach session notes and assessment results are pulled into a reporting feature. Reports can be generated as needed and can be shared via a link with your clients, their families and the health care team. As well, all program data and reports are maintained on a secure server.

Program Outcomes

The key improvements observed are in the quality of life. Research shows that relationships and human interactions are important to seniors. Using this program, coaches develop deep personal relationships with those they work with. Your interactions will add immeasurably to their quality of life.

Become a Cognitive Coach

To use the individual platform, you must become a certified Cognitive Coach. Our certification program gives you the skills you need to confidently deliver this program. We also provide ongoing support, so that you are never without assistance.

If you are interested in becoming a Fit Minds Cognitive Coach and delivering this program, Click here.

Retire-At-Home is very excited to be offering the Interact Individual brain fitness program to our clients and their families. Our priority has always been to provide high quality personalized care that addresses both the emotional and physical health of an individual. With the Fit Minds program, we’re able to deliver on this commitment by offering clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions a non-pharmacological treatment option. The impact Fit Minds has on the quality of life of our clients is quite remarkable. We’ve seen first hand how Fit Minds helps to restore confidence and reduce apathy. It’s an incredible program that produces amazing results.
Sheri Cayouette

Vice-President Field Operations, Retire-at-Home

“Thank you Fit Minds for working with my Mom. She went from laying in bed and not wanting to socialize with others to playing bingo and trivia with other residents. I cried tears of joy when I saw my Mom doing a word find with her granddaughters while snuggling in bed together.  This was the first time she acted like a grandma in two years.”
Cindy Larvie


“Mom thrived with Fit Minds. She was so mentally aware at my wedding and she hadn’t been for so long.  After years of going downhill, she suddenly seemed to be going uphill.”
Mark Retzlaff