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Awe Walks Are Good For You

Awe and wonder are common in children. Everything they see is through new eyes. As we get older, we lose that freshness of sight. We may even experience social disconnection, more anxiety, and sadness. And these feelings can be exacerbated by the current climate of...

Reduce Stress With These Ten Tips

We are facing really challenging times and at these moments I draw inspiration from individuals who faced great challenges with fortitude. One individual who I greatly admire is Viktor Frankl. He survived the Holocaust and wrote a great book - "Man's Search for...

Water, Water, Water

Water plays an important role in good brain functioning.Our bodies require water to hydrate the blood and tissues, lubricate our joints, regulate temperature, and moisten the lungs to allow for breathing. So those stiff joints may actually be a lack of proper...

Nurture a Sense of Wonder

A sense of wonder can improve engagement with life. Increased engagement with life makes life more meaningful. An important aspect of brain health is having meaning in your life. At Fit Minds we think of meaning as the sixth and overarching element of brain health....

Your “FAT” Brain

Did you know that fat is good for your brain. And that you need fat in your diet. We are also told that what's good for your heart is good for your brain.   But everyone knows that fat is bad for your heart ... so are these statements contradictory?   On the...

Vitamin D and Brain Health

Vitamin D is important for brain health. It is also important for the health of your immune system and may play an important role as a protective measure against severe COVID-19 symptoms.   Vitamin D and COVID-19 COVID-19 research is significant but with a...

Bounce Back – Building Personal Resilience

Will you bounce back from these challenging times? Do you feel stretched to your limit? We can grow when we face challenges or we can crumble. Growing in our mental resilience or 'bounce back-ability' is key. Bounce Back In their book Resilience: Why Things Bounce...

Dance: Exercise Your Mind and Body To Protect Your Brain

Thomas Carlyle famously said, “No pressure, no diamonds.”  Diamonds don’t form without pressure, and the analogy can be stretched to putting pressure on your brain through ‘thinking’ can also keep it sparkly and strong. Okay – maybe it is a silly analogy but the...

Aging Well

Can you define a “well-aged” wine or cheese? Easy? How about a "well-aged" life? A little more difficult! Medical science gives us various 'aging well' standards. Some standards emphasize physical ability. Others emphasize social activity. And still others emphasize...

Is Your Mom or Dad Getting Enough Sleep?

How would you rate their sleep quality? Are they sleeping a lot during the day and then not very much at night? Are you worried that they are not well-rested when they wake up in the morning? Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for good brain health, yet many...

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Questions and Answers

What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy? 

Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) is a series of mental exercises that stimulate the brain. Because of the concept of brain plasticity, we know the brain can continue to grow as we age. The key question for many of us is how do we make that happen? Read More.


How Do I Create Dementia Care That Is Meaningful and Engaging?

Individual programming is the key to creating dementia care that is meaningful and engaging for individuals and their families. Every individual has their own interests and abilities and that doesn’t change with a diagnosis of dementia. Read More.


How Do I Live a Healthy Lifestyle That Supports My Brain?

If you want to build a lifestyle that supports your brain health, it is a good idea to begin with thinking about your motivation and goals. Where are you at with respect to brain health and more importantly…what are your goals for the future? Read More.


How Do I Build Cognitive Resilience?

Early educational experiences have an impact on dementia risk later in life. Learning reduces dementia risk – so create a love for learning that will last your whole life through. Read More.