The Resolutions Club

Written by Nicole Scheidl

January 4, 2011

An article in the current issue of Chatelaine suggests that the best way to follow through on New Year’s resolutions is to enlist the help of one’s friends. Meet once a month, compare notes, encourage success and stick with the program….and a night out with friends is always a good idea.

The keys to success in any program of improvement are to:

1) pick two or three specific areas that your really care about changing, and

2) ensure that the goal can be reached through concrete and specific steps.

For example, “spending more time with my kid,” is a worthy goal, but better would be, “do an activity with Sarah every Sunday afternoon.”

So write down your goals for the year. Gather a few like-minded individuals to support you and follow us on Facebook and let us know how you are doing with your New Year’s Resolutions.

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