Music – It Can Really Move You.

Written by Nicole Scheidl

January 11, 2011

A recent paper published in Nature Neuroscience by researchers at McGill University demonstrated the effect of “pleasurable” music on the brain through the increased release of dopamine. The groups findings provides “neurochemical evidence that intense emotional responses to music involve [the] reward circuitry” of the brain. Since the production of dopamine is particularly useful for establishing or maintaining behaviour, working out to your favourite music or blasting your favourite CD while cleaning the house gives your brain a boost when it comes to accomplishing tasks it might otherwise find onerous.

So next time you want to tackle a tough task, stimulate your reward circuitry by listening to your favourite music. With dopamine flooding your system, it will be that much easier to accomplish the job!

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  1. Tuna

    I’m experiencing similar problems. I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants twice with about an eight year gap between each occasion. Each time I was probably only on them for about 6 months, until I stopped them cold turkey. Now I am frequently get foggy brain and cannot recall basic information about things which I have known for a long time, and even recent information. AD efficacy is largely disputed in placebo tests, and the drugs firms are not sure what they do to the brain.


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