Just Keep Holding On – Tribute Song

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  1. Carol Ballard

    WOW!!!  What a powerful resource.  As Recreation Manager at 120 bed LTC facility, it is at times extremely difficult to motivate HCA’s and have them believe in the power of affirming life in our residents with dementia.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Nicole

      Thanks Carol. We really believe that what we do can make a difference in so many lives – both the caregivers and the care receivers.

  2. Sherlin

    I would rather be blunt and say that this is a major issue, and if your Grannie has dementia or Alzheimer’s she will suffer a progressive decline and it will get worse. Firstly, I would recommend you take a current picture of her in case she does wander off. Next, I would meet with her family physician and see if you can have her referred to a psycho-geriatric resource person so they can assess her memory and mental functioning. It’s always good to document the times when your Granny’s behavior occurs and see if it happens at the same time of day because she could be suffering from a condition that is called sundowning . In the United States and Canada you can place a call to the Alzheimer’s society and see if they can help you. They are probably your best resource. Hope this helps.


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