Fit Minds Family Program

Adapted Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Programming for Families

The world of dementia changes and challenges relationships, but it shouldn’t have to end them. While the landscape changes we want to help you maintain a positive and supportive environment for both you and the person for whom you are providing care.

The Fit Minds Family program is designed to help families to connect with and support their loved one.

Cognitive Care Blueprint™

Create a Cognitive Care Blueprint for your loved one using our assessment tools and checklists.

The focus with the Cognitive Care Blueprint is on preserving and promoting quality of life.

The Enable™ Program

The online program has a wealth of materials organized in a useful format.

MODULE ONE: Your Changing Role: What is Your New Situation?

Includes Tools for Managing Caregiver Stress, Strategies for Communication and Handling Difficult Behaviour, and Resources addressing sleep disorders and Dementia, and much more.

MODULE TWO: The Brain: Understanding the Science

Includes the Science that Underlies Brain Fitness and the Science Behind Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

MODULE THREE: Take Care of the Caregiver – You!

Includes information about the Brain Health Lifestyle along with Interviews with Experts.

MODULE FOUR: Reconnecting throughout the Journey: Using the Fit Minds Programs

Includes an overview of different cognitive exercises you can use to connect with your loved one and a new set of exercises every month.

Weekly Emails

Every Thursday we will send you an email with Information, Encouragement and Support for your caregiver journey. We are ready to accompany you in providing the best care possible to your loved one.

Fit Minds Workbook

Receive a FREE Workbook ($29 value) when you sign up for our Family Caregiver Program.


“I’ve had the opportunity to see Fit Minds programs in action from the very start, I was impressed with the difference the Fit Minds programs made in the lives of my residents when I was the general manager at Portobello Manor. I remember with one family in particular, the improvement of her memory and the ability to interact with her kids had a huge impact on the family relationships.
Marie-France Lalonde

Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa-Orléans, Ontario

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