I am so grateful…

Written by Nicole Scheidl

October 4, 2012

Today as I was working with my brain I was waiting with my heart to hear how my mother-in-law’s operation had gone. As the morning progressed I thought about how grateful I was to have her in my life – the gift she has been to my children…and I was very relieved to hear later in the day that she was okay. My heart was thankful.

Then later in the day I received a beautiful email from friends…he has ALS and life is pretty tough but their email said,

Please know that your kindness has changed our lives significantly (we) have much to be grateful for and good friends are at the top of the list.”

Gratitude is such a great attitude to have. It really allows you to be free to enJOY life – finding the joy and celebrating it. I have so much to be grateful for – grateful for my husband and my kids – grateful for my parents and my husband’s parents – grateful for my siblings and for good friends…and even grateful for the little things – a shower that doesn’t leak anymore and a new Jaime Oliver cookbook to try-out this weekend.

This Thanksgiving I want to transmit that joy to the people in my life…and truly give thanks for all that I have. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ is worth sharing!

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