Drink Your Milk, Do Your Pilates

Written by Nicole Scheidl

September 1, 2010

Even the US Army is revising their physical training program to incorporate more core strength building exercises like pilates and encouraging their soldiers to drink milk instead of soda. A recent report published in the New York Times indicates the Army is taking into account the levels of obesity and soda consumption that are causing bone fractures from exercise to increase at an alarming rate.

Bone density and strength are a concern at any age and a fitness regime that includes weight bearing exercises and focuses on core strength is really important. As well, don’t forget to eat lots of leafy vegetables and cut out the soda in favour of milk.

Take care of your bones, you’ll need them your whole life.

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  1. Farid

    I had no idea that memory issues are not necessarily a normal part of aging whoa! My parents and my in-laws are, shall we say, pre-elderly (I’m sure they would just love hearing this!) and are capable, independent people. However, because of my work and because I know plenty of people in my age group (old Gen X) who have dealt with a whole range of issues with elderly parents, I tend to do a lot of reading on this topic.I’ve just found your blog and see that it is chock-full of incredibly useful advice. Thanks for this post and for pointing out the resource on Caring.com!


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