Right Brain vs. Left Brain Thinkers – Grow Your Strengths

Written by Nicole Scheidl

September 3, 2010

Brain imaging confirms that we use different parts of our brain to remember verbal and visual-spatial information. The right-hemisphere is activated when we engage in visual-spatial tasks while the left-hemisphere processes verbal memory tasks.

Right brain thinkers tend to be visual, big-picture thinkers whereas left brain thinkers are often more detail-oriented and verbal. While it is natural to prefer activities that play to our strengths, we can actually improve our capacities through mental exercise. A study of London taxi drivers showed a larger developed right hemisphere than the regular individual. Inevitably those drawn to this type of work would have to have a good visual-spatial processing skills but intensive work with those processes improves brain capacity.

The underlying factor is hard work. Taxi drivers in London have to pass an extensive course, learning over 400 routes. The course has a 75% drop out rate. There have also been studies shown brain capacity increase in medical students as they study. The take away from this – Learning that plays to your strengths will be easier but continued growth in brain capacity is possible by working those processes.

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