Trevor Greene – an amazing story

Written by Nicole Scheidl

November 10, 2011

Trevor Greene’s recovery is an incredible story about the determination of an individual and the ability to comeback from a traumatic brain injury. He and his wife Debbie are re-writing conventional wisdom about the ability of the brain to recover from traumatic brain injury.

In 2006 during a meeting with some village elders Trevor was struck in the head by an axe. His brain was literally cut in two and he was not expected to survive. Over the past five years he has worked hard to regain brain function through cognitive exercises like mental imaging. Greene is rewiring his brain, task by task, motor function by motor function.

Trevor and Debbie are working with National Research Council Scientists to map how his brain is re-wiring itself during this rehabilitative process. The MRI (view here) shows that new parts of Trevor’s brain are being re-wired to take over the functioning of damaged parts of his brain.

This difficult and exciting journey is opening up new frontiers in our understanding of what is possible for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries. For an overview of their journey watch here

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