My November Starts Today!

Written by Nicole Scheidl

October 23, 2014

In Flander’s fields the poppies blow…Nathan Cirillo

It is my custom (as many others do) during the month of November to wear a red poppy all month long. It is a small reminder for me of all the men and women who have sacrificed themselves for those bigger ideals of democracy, freedom, and country. Yesterday a young man, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was murdered while standing guard at our nation’s National War Memorial. He was on ceremonial guard duty at a symbol of all those innumerable sacrifices made by people that helped to build our country into the nation it is today. He is now wrapped up forever in that symbol.

The soldiers who serve Canada don’t make the decision to go to war. But when the country says go – they go. They go for something bigger than themselves and they go for all of us. That is why every November it is right and proper that we remember that dedication and the sacrifices it involves by wearing a red poppy.

I’ve been blessed to have a husband who served in the Canadian Army for over 28 years and to have two sons currently serving in the Army reserves. I’ve seen their dedication and personal sacrifice up close and experienced first hand what families experience when they are left behind on the ‘home front’. I lived through many deployments and have always felt the closeness and support of the military family. And yesterday that family was really hurt and shaken by Cpl. Cirillo’s murder.

The torch your falling hands let go, Was caught by us, again held high,

I found a poppy this morning, left over from last year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. I know (in a small way) what that poppy costs and I put it on – because my November starts today.

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  1. Donna Thomson

    Beautiful reflection, Nicole. My husband and I visited the National War Memorial last evening and there were over a hundred people silently standing and trying to absorb this week’s awful events. I noticed one or two wore poppies and now I understand they had the same feeling as you. Tomorrow, I’ll look for my poppy and wear it too. Thank you.

  2. James

    Nicole, you have done well once again. Thank you for your sweetly worded reminder of the debt that we owe our military for their service and their heroism even in such a mundane manner as performing guard duty beside a national treasure. Next time that you see me, you may not see it, but you can be sure that I too am wearing my poppy. God Bless our service members as they selflessly serve their country. James

  3. Mum and Dad

    Beautiful! And you win the challenge…….
    tears happened. It is a wonderful thing that people are able to show that they DO appreciate the military! I’ll bet the poppy will be ubiquitous this year. We are a military family and know what sacrifices are made by serving members and their families. Thank you. Hugs.


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