Chartwell Hosts Cognitive Care Blueprint Workshop

Written by Nicole Scheidl

June 5, 2017

Chartwell retirement residences focus on “Making Lives Better”.Chartwell


As part of Chartwell’s commitment to brain health, they are hosting the Fit Minds Cognitive Care Blueprint Workshop.


The two-hour workshop will take place at the RA Centre in Ottawa on June 22nd at 10am.


The Workshop


When someone you love has dementia – you have many questions.


And one of the big ones is:

“How do I fully support their brain health so that they can be all they can be for as long as possible?”


This workshop tackles that question.


Creating A Personalized Plan


Participants in this workshop create a personalized plan to support their loved one’s brain health in six key areas.


We will examine:

  1. the importance of nutrition for supporting brain health,
  2. the role of physical activity,
  3. the importance of mental activity,
  4. the key ingredient to make socialization effective, and
  5. the role of spirituality for optimum brain health.


We will also look at the ‘secret sauce‘ that pulls all the ingredients together.


You will leave with a Fit Minds Workbook and a personalized plan – your own Cognitive Care Blueprint.


Nicole Scheidl, CEO of Fit Minds will teach the Workshop. Nicole is an experienced trainer. She has trained hundreds of family and professional caregivers who have touched the lives of thousands of individuals challenged by dementia.


Chartwell will cover the fee for the workshop.Spaces are limited, however, so make sure you register soon!


To register contact Royaida at 613-736-6231


Event Poster:


Cognitive Care Blueprint


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