The Magic of Camping

Written by Nicole Scheidl

July 8, 2014

As a caregiver you are often stretched for time, sandwiched between caring for your parents and your own children. Taking time to re-connect with your children is so important. They will be feeling the stress of the changing relationship with their grandma or grandpa and will be looking for reassurance. One great idea for reconnecting is through camping.

The magic of camping really struck me this past weekend as we camped along the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario, Canada. The setting was picture perfect! After a two year hiatus, I fell in love with the idea of camping all over again.

Camping Sunset

The magic of the moment was really brought home to me as I listened to my two daughters giggle their way to sleep the first night we were there. There is something special about a campfire, roasting marshmallows and a tent that helps us reduce stress and connect with each other. It’s a gift we should give to ourselves.

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