Living in the Moment

Written by Nicole Scheidl

May 10, 2012

Some days you have to just drop your agenda and live in the moment. Today was such a day for me. I had a long list of work that I needed to get done but as I was walking my youngest into the school yard it became clear to me that my day was going to change.

Clinging to my hand my daughter said, “Mommy I’m so excited that you are coming with me to school today.” Today was an open house at the school and she clearly expected me to spend the morning with her. So with an inward sigh and a mental release of my “to do” list, I did just that.

Now I’ve been to a lot of open houses with my other children but for her she was clearly so excited to have me at the back of her classroom. She kept sneaking looks back at me with a big grin on her face and when it came time to approach her desk she read me story after story.

It’s too easy to get caught up in our agenda – I’d be the first to admit that I find it hard to put aside my list – and neglect the people in our lives. We all have a million things to do and accomplish and so it is so easy to push aside the moments when we can really connect with another. I’m glad I took that hour to spend with her. It was a connection and a time that can never be replaced….and I’ll catch up on my agenda later.

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