10.12.12TerryPratchettByLuigiNovi1Today Sir Terry Pratchett died, surrounded by his family. Terry Pratchett was famous for his Discworld series – writing more that 70 books, translated into 37 languages over a career spanning 44 years. His books were amazing stories and if you haven’t ever had the pleasure I highly recommend “Going Postal” as a great place to start.

In 2007 he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease but continued writing – producing at least 7 more bestsellers, finishing his last book during the summer of 2014.

What I found most remarkable about him was the way he faced his diagnosis publicly. He had a lot of  courage and showed people that it was possible to live well with dementia. His actions removed some of the stigma surrounding the disease and I believe reduced the isolation that people feel in the same situation.

Thank-you Terry!

If you want to donate in his memory to support people living with Alzheimer’s disease, click here.