Home First Policy – Too risky?

Written by Nicole Scheidl

November 14, 2012

Questions are being raised by the Toronto-based Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)‘s counsel Jane Meadus about the Home First Policy being implemented by hospitals across the Province of Ontario. ACE reports they have received about 250 complaints from Ontario seniors and their families this year and the most prevalent issue is early discharge from hospital.

Certainly the hospitals seem to embracing this policy and if the resources and support is there most of us would prefer to be in our own homes. But what happens when that move is made without the right support? Or an individual who needs greater levels of care is inappropriately discharged?

This summer a family friend faced this issue when appropriate home care could not be found. There loved one ended up in a long term care facility even though the family was willing to have the individual at home – but there were no staff to fill in the required positions. We certainly need more resources, particularly people, who are willing and able to provide this type of care. These issues are going to continue to be raised as discharge nurses struggle with finding the right place and support networks for at home care.

Have you struggled with this issue?

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