Revera Alta Vista is hosting a Cognitive Care Blueprint Workshop on Monday, September 11th at 7pm. Alta Vista is located at 751 Peter Morand Cres, Ottawa.

Contact Catherine Armstrong at (613) 739-0909 to register for the Workshop

Revera Alta Vista


The Workshop


When someone you love has dementia – how do you support them so that they can be all they can be for as long as possible? Drawing on over 25 years of research, the Cognitive Care Blueprint Workshop helps you  tackle that question.

Creating A Personalized Plan

Participants in this workshop create a personalized plan to support their loved one’s brain health in six key areas.

The Workshop looks at:

  1. Behaviour and Care Needs
  2. Dealing with Stress
  3. Sleep and Communication
  4. Quality of Life
  5. Brain Health – Six Essential Elements
    • the importance of nutrition for supporting brain health,
    • the role of physical activity,
    • the importance of mental activity,
    • the key ingredient to make socialization effective,
    • the role of spirituality for optimum brain health, and
    • the secret sauce
  6. And finally, Creating Your Plan

You will leave with a Fit Minds Workbook and a personalized plan – your own Cognitive Care Blueprint for your loved one.