Inspired by the Olympics

Written by Nicole Scheidl

August 1, 2012

I confess – I love the Olympics. I love the competition, the beauty of finely tuned athleticism and the absolute joy of the athletes when they compete well.

As a kid I remember spending two weeks glued to the television watching the 1976 games in Montreal. Seeing Nadia Comăneci score her perfect 10 was an amazing experience. I think I could date my love affair with the Olympics to that moment. Whether it is the Summer or Winter Olympics – who can forget the absolute joy of Alexandre Bilodeau’s brother or the Sidney Crosby game-winning overtime goal in Vancouver – I love watching it all.

After the last Winter Olympics I was so inspired I signed up for a learn to curl class. I confess I was a klutz and had some pretty spectacular wipe-outs on the ice. Curling clearly wasn’t for me. Now after four days of these Summer Games I’m back in the pool – one could say out of retirement. I’ve set a goal to get back in shape so I can join the Masters Synchronized Swimming Team. As a good friend reminded me – my muscle memory should kick in and my body should remember what it’s supposed to do. I really hope my muscles have a good memory.

But good memory or not, after tonight’s session I have that pleasant muscle tiredness that comes after a good workout and more importantly, I have a sense of accomplishment. It’s not like standing on an Olympic podium but after 24 years it’s good to be back in the pool.

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