Can Caregivers Be Friends

Written by Nicole Scheidl

November 25, 2013

For a friendship to be real it has to have certain characteristics: it has to have honesty and respect…recognition of the essential goodness of the other and a desire to share one’s inner thoughts and ideas. It also has an element of receiving the other. To be a true friend we not only have to reveal ourselves but we also have to accept the other and receive them into our lives.

So how does that work in a professional setting? Can a professional – whether doctor, lawyer, nurse or personal support worker be a friend to their ‘client’? Does it enhance the professional relationship if there is an element of friendship between the two individuals?

I believe that In some circumstances a deep friendship is possible, in others it is not, but always there should be an ability to approach the other with empathy and understanding. I got the opportunity to speak with the delightful Donna Thomson about this very subject. Watch the video interview and let me know what you think:

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