Brain Health – Explore the Possibilities

Written by Nicole Scheidl

September 20, 2016

We are celebrating International Active Aging Week from the 25th of September to October 1st. Come join us!Active Aging Week

To celebrate this week, we are co-hosting six seminars throughout Ottawa, Ontario and offering a Wednesday evening online webinar for those of you who can’t get to an Ottawa location.

The theme of this year’s Active Aging Week is Explore the Possibilities. As we age, we certainly have many options that open up to us but in order to take full advantage of those options we need to maintain good brain health. So our seminar will focus on how to maintain optimal brain health. We will share with you some ideas that you can implement immediately.

Brain Health – Explore the Possibilities

We all want to age well – but how do we achieve that? How do we make sure we are not only living longer but living well? Research scientists use different criteria to measure aging well. Some criteria is useful for you and me as we age – some not so much. You can read more about it in this blog post: Aging Well.

I would argue that – at the end of the day – aging well is having a sense of personal satisfaction with our lives. We’ve made a contribution and we are content.Active Aging Week

There are six fundamental areas of life that need to be addressed to get to that point of personal satisfaction. The brain health lifestyle® contains five but there is a sixth element. And that sixth element is that bit of secret sauce that makes those five ‘come alive’.

During these seminars we are going to cover those six fundamental areas in greater detail and give you actionable take-aways so that you can start making changes in your life. Come spend an hour with us and learn how to both maintain and improve your cognitive resilience.

To register for the online seminar Click Here.

You do not need to register for the on-site seminars. They are being held at:

Sunday, September 25th – 3pm – Alta Vista Retirement Community – 751 Peter Morand Crescent

Tuesday, September 27th – 11am – Portobello Retirement Community – 691 Valin Street

Tuesday, September 27th – 2pm – Maplewood Retirement Community – 340 Industrial Avenue

Wednesday, September 28th – 2pm – Oakpark Retirement Community – 2 Valour Drive

Wednesday, September 28th – 7pm – Online Register for the Webinar Here.

Thursday, September 29th – 2pm – Chartwell Stonehaven – 70 Stonehaven Drive

Friday, September 30th – 2:30pm – Chartwell Empress Kanata – 170 McGibbon Drive

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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