Don’t Retire – Rewire!

Written by Nicole Scheidl

November 21, 2014

I just attended the amazing International Council on Active Aging conference in Orlando, Florida. Honestly, anything that gets you out of Canada in November when the freezing icy weather hits and into the warm sunshine is good – but to top it off with a great conference on Active Aging makes it all even better. Our team was exposed to so many great ideas and great people – it was really inspirational. I have been thinking about launching a weekly brain building challenge for awhile but attending the conference really pushed this project forward.

So in order to share with you the things we were already putting into our brain fitness programming and to incorporate everything we learned during that conference we are launching our Weekly Rewire Challenge. It`s a weekly take action challenge to improve your personal brain fitness. The challenges are based on solid brain science but also include an element of fun! So check it out.

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  1. Sharon Scheidl

    Wonderful! Love those challenges.Hugs.


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