Compassionate, Engaging Cognitive Coaching

Supports your loved one’s brain health and quality of life.


“I feel like my family hasn’t given up on me.”

– Fit Minds client, 85 years old, Florida



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Fit Minds provides seniors unprecedented cognitive coaching through a unique program pairing college educated women and men with seniors.

“I’m reading again!”

– Fit Minds client, 79 years old, Florida


For Familiescognitive coaching

We match your mom or dad with an educated professional. who will provide them with a unique level of interaction and support. You will receive regular reports on the interactions and insight into your mom or dad’s state of mind.


You can feel secure, knowing that you are doing the best you can for your mom or dad





“Please come again. You make me happy.”

– Fit Minds client, 89 years old, Ontario


For Residents

Residents of retirement facilities get an opportunity to self-select into a brain fitness program as a preventative strategy. They have access to cognitive coaches who can engage with them and exercise their mind.


Fit Minds Cognitive Coach Rebecca’s Story


As I approach Margaret’s room, I simply can’t wait to greet her and see the smile on her face. It has been six months since she began her cognitive therapy and after I see her smile, there’s always a hug for me.

When I arrive, sometimes Margaret may be looking for something that she has misplaced. So after our greeting, we look for it and begin discussing subjects that I know will interest her. Then she’s ready to begin her session. Margaret chooses to sit in a chair and I move a small table in front of her to use as a desk. I create a warm, yet adult working environment. Before we begin, I get her a glass of water which I encourage her to drink during our session.

Her Self-Confidence Has Improved

I have seen a positive improvement in her self-confidence and quality of life. Margaret has proven to herself she can do things she thought she could no longer do, like write or solve equations. She is always enthusiastic about her sessions and has said things to me like “I wish I had started this a year ago”.

We focus on what she can achieve and do.

The activities are individualized to challenge but not frustrate her and we often find ourselves laughing as she tells me about her family and life. I have never left a coaching session where she wasn’t in a good mood. Isolation is so dangerous, yet so typical for people in assisted living. So I always bring her to the next activity.

Our Relationship Is Close

The interpersonal relationship that Margaret and I have developed is close, respectful, loving, fun and strong. She feels comfortable talking and even if a word is slow to pass her lips, it’s ok. And if she can’t think of the exact word, I encourage her to take a deep breath, relax and soon, she’s saying the word!

I look forward to seeing her and witnessing her success as she accomplishes the various activities that Fit Minds has generated at her assessed level. We comment on how fun it is to exercise her brain.

Supporting Her Family

Additionally, I know her daughter appreciates and respects this cognitive training. She also feels reassured that beyond cognitive coaching, I would immediately notify her if I noted any change in Margaret’s condition. Plus, I never hesitate to let Margaret’s daughter know the positive interactions and laughs that occur.

It is such a privilege to spend this quality time with Margaret.



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