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cognitive coachingWe Believe

While dementia changes relationships, it doesn’t end them.

We have a responsibility to support all people to age with dignity.

Life can be full of joy – no matter how old we are.

And finally, we believe in drowning the evil of loneliness, isolation and despair in the abundant goodness of caring and connecting. 


Become A Fit Minds Coach

cognitive coachingFit Minds Coaches are educated women who are either raising their own families or are nearing retirement. Either way – our coaches are educated, accomplished women who care deeply about making a difference. And they do!

Our coaches complete a certification program and then are trained one-on-one to coach. Fit Minds has never had a client rate a coach poorly. Never!

Interested in joining us in bringing potential, joy and purpose to seniors? Apply here to be a cognitive coach.

We are hiring in Florida immediately!

Fit Minds provides unmatched opportunities for the stay at home mom or the retiree who wants to work 10 – 25 hours per week. When you join us we will train, support and guide you. We will find you meaningful work close to your home. We will ensure your schedule is flexible to meet your needs and we will pay you competitive wages.

Join a growing team that is making a difference!  Apply here to be a cognitive coach.