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According to Alzheimer Disease International there are over 46 million people suffering from dementia worldwide and that number is expected to double in the next 25 years.

For those currently challenged by the disease, drug trials are not the answer. A cure is in the future and we are in the here and now.

I believe that cognitive stimulation can and should play a big part in this solution.

It is an effective non-drug therapy that should be part of the treatment plan of every person who suffers from dementia.

Cognitive stimulation is a very human to human therapy that touches an individual not only in their head but also in their heart.

You can play a big role in making cognitive stimulation a reality for those you care for. We’ve spent years looking at the cognitive stimulation therapy research and taking it out of the clinical setting to create programs that you can use in real life.

We have hundreds of program partners who have helped us refine what we do. We’ve done a ton of program development so we have a lot of experience and resources to help you successfully provide cognitive stimulation therapy.

Cognitive stimulation therapy is a great way to really touch people’s lives.

In the videos I told you about Karen and George.

I met George when I was giving a presentation at a retirement community about Brain Health. He sat in the front row – right in front of me – and he was listening keenly to what I had to say. He was clearly moved by my presentation and asked some very pointed questions. You could tell that the issue of brain health was a very important topic to him.

After the presentation, Karen came to me and told me that George had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As you can imagine, he was very upset about it. She was very concerned about him and really wanted to do something to help him.

So we trained Karen on the Interact Individual program and she started working with George. She would see him three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And the results came pretty quickly. Shortly after starting to work with George she sent me this email:

I have completed 5 sessions with […] and I have already noticed a HUGE improvement in both his cognitive skills and eagerness to participate…I am so excited because he is a totally different man, and his self esteem is improving session by session. All in all, I am so excited about this program and so very happy I decided to do it. – Karen

Karen made a real difference in the life of George and his family.

I also want to tell you about another coach Mary Anne and her experience with one of her clients – we’ll call her Corinne. Prior to starting the Fit Minds program, Corinne had difficulty communicating. She was focused on getting back to the farm and seeing her parents. She was stuck in the past. She would repeat the same thing using the same sentences over and over again.

After a few weeks using the Fit Minds program Mary Anne reported that Corinne no longer rambled on about one topic using the same words. She tried to express herself about other topics. Corinne became more talkative and expressive than she was before.

Mary Anne also noted that Corinne’s mind expanded to share stories which she might not have otherwise shared, if she was not engaged in the “Fit Minds” program.

And finally, I want to share with you the results Kerry is seeing with her residents. After only eight weeks of Fit Minds programming, Quality of Life scores among her residents improved on average 3.9 points and MMSE scores also improved.

This is significant in a disease that is progressive!

Cognitive stimulation programming is making a big difference in the lives of individuals challenged by dementia.

So if having an impact like this appeals to you, I encourage you to register for the course.

Course Details

The course is online rolling out over five weeks –so while you can access it at your own pace, we will encourage you to complete it in that time.

Throughout the course there are quizzes to complete so that you can be sure you are understanding the material. We want you to be confident that you understand the mechanics of cognitive stimulation therapy and will be able to deliver a session.

We also have additional resources you can tap into after you have completed the course…but right now I want to walk you through the nitty gritty course details.

The four week training course looks like this:

In Week One: Taking A Coach Approach, we are going to look at the underlying philosophy of the Fit Minds® program, as well as law, ethics, communication tips and techniques and dealing with challenging behaviour.

In Week Two: Understanding the Science, we are going to take a broad overview of the scientific research on brain fitness and more particularly the research behind cognitive stimulation therapy. The relationship between dementia and sleep disorders is also covered.

In Week Three: The Fit Minds Program, we are looking at all the nuts and bolts of a comprehensive cognitive stimulation therapy program.

Specifically, we will look at:

  • Language Activities to exercise the language loop in the brain, concentrating on building and reinforcing verbal fluency.
  • And Language Discussions to build a relationship with your client through discussion and interaction and the sharing of personal stories and perspectives.
  • Visual/Spatial Exercises to challenge spatial orientation and the ability to conceptualize ideas in time and space.
  • Memory and Critical Thinking Exercises to reinforce logic and reasoning skills in order to maintain maximum cognitive flexibility.
  • Computation Exercises to focus on the abstract ideas of time and numbers. Lots of fun there!
  • Plus Wrap-ups and Assessing the Sessions

This week also includes looking at healthy lifestyle choices that make a difference for your clients but also for you. We will look at Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Socialization, Spirituality and Mental Stimulation as important elements in brain health.

In Week Four: Using Assessments, we will be looking at the use of assessment tools, both for caregiver stress and behaviour plus cognitive testing for determining the effect of CST sessions on an individual as well as measuring quality of life.

So these 4 weeks end up covering 29 modules of material.

If that sounds like a good fit for you:


I’m also including some great bonuses that I know you’ll want to see.

As a bonus you get·

  • The Interact Mini-Kit which includes beautiful Memory Travel Cards, Association Cards, Event Sequencing Cards and Timeline Cards and a Fit Minds tote bag.
  • You also get a Service Launch Kit with access to marketing materials so that you can market your services.

And once you complete the course and become one of our program partners, you have access to our affiliate program and referral service, which will also become another source of revenue generation for you.

Additional Bonuses

Our goal at Fit Minds is to make sure you are successful as a Cognitive Coach so as an additional bonus, we are giving you THREE (3) months FREE access to our Individual platform. This will allow you to deliver a personalized cognitive stimulation program to the people you work with.

This program has seen amazing results and I know in your hands it will do great things.

Starting your own business usually requires a lot of money up front. Some homecare franchises ask you to invest $50,000 for the opportunity. Now this is not a franchise program, but it is an opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the senior services crowd.

Even if you want to learn something new, or upgrade your knowledge base by taking a college course, you will pay anywhere from $600 to $1200 per course.

This course is reasonably priced at $497 and you will be able to offer a revenue-generating service right out of the gate.

If you want to spread out the payments, we can split it up into 6 payments of $89 per month.

When you’ve completed the course, you will be able to offer a cognitive stimulation therapy program and you can also opt to use our Individual platform to create your own customized programming.

This platform has over 6000 pieces of content from which you can deliver a dynamic, changing, personalized cognitive stimulation therapy program for your clients.

As mentioned, we will set you up on the platform and as an added bonus we are going to give you a THREE (3) months access to the platform for FREE.

If you use that with one client, charging $50 a session twice a week, you will generate $1200 in revenue in those three months. You can recover your investment and more.

And if you want to continue to use the database after those three months, you pay a subscription rate of $25 per month. It is a small fraction of the revenue you will generate delivering the service. We think this is an amazing opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of individuals challenged by dementia.

Are you excited about this opportunity?

And this all comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If within 30 days you decide the course is not for you – just send back the kit and we’ll fully refund your money – no problem.

If this program sounds like it is for you – Here’s what to do now. Register yourself for the program and we will send you your access login details and ship you your Interact mini-kit.

Course Registration Closes