Incomparable content. Structure and mental stimulation. Meaningful engagement.

All Fit Minds programs deliver on this promise. Fit Minds’ platform and algorithm enables our certified coaches to deliver content from a database of 2500+ cognitive exercises that continually stimulates and challenges. Find the one that works for you.

Fit Minds Cognitive Coaching – A Personal Trainer for the Mind

Delivered one-on-one by certified cognitive coaches, the content is customized to the individual’s cognitive abilities. Each dynamic session builds on the previous session. Monthly data provided on engagement, affect and cognitive abilities plus immediate reporting if coach perceives marked decline.

Group Programs – for healthy seniors and seniors with dementia

Weekly and bi-weekly programming engages five key areas of cognition. Residents and Senior Community officials call it the best programming. See our testimonials.

Daily Interactive Brain Exercises

Delivered to your personal email with periodic interactive dialogues with Fit Minds staff.

Maintenance Programs – for seniors who have developed a routine of cognitive exercising

A certified cognitive coach holds weekly cognitive exercise sessions and provides cognitive exercise materials for the client to complete in between sessions. The maintenance program is perfectly suited for those people who are motivated and capable of engaging in cognitive activities by themselves and for individuals whose family members do not require monthly reporting.


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