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Compassionate, Engaging Cognitive Coaching

Fit MindsUSA provides seniors unprecedented companion care and cognitive coaching through a unique program pairing college educated women with seniors.


For Familiesfit mindsusa

We match your mom or dad with an educated professional. who will provide them with a unique level of interaction and support. You will receive regular reports on the interactions and insight into your mom or dad’s state of mind.

You can feel secure, knowing that you are doing the best you can for your mom or dad


For Residents

Residents of retirement facilities get an opportunity to self-select into a brain fitness program as a preventative strategy. They have access to professional companions and cognitive coaches who can engage with them and exercise their mind.

My Journey

When my mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Probably the worst thing I did was go on the internet and start researching the disease. I then began mentally calculating how much longer I had with mom.

For a while, mom was able to stay home with dad. We hired a social worker to evaluate her and as a family agreed she could stay at home. Dad said he could manage.
It is so hard to know when it’s time.

Paranoia is a symptom of Lewy Body. When dad came home to two police cars in his driveway because mom had walked to a neighbor’s house and told her that he was trying to kill her, we realized the time was now.

I remember crying when I toured the Assisted Living Facilities. But once mom was admitted, she began to thrive. Her paranoia diminished markedly and her mood improved. She made friends and we visited often, always bringing her to our house for Sunday dinners.

Still, her dementia was advancing so I started trying to figure out what I could do to help her. I couldn’t bear the thought of giving her one more drug on top of the 10 she takes daily. I brought her to the neurologist and she recommended another drug. Instead, I chose cognitive stimulation therapy.

I began working with Nicole Scheidl as a business advisor. As you can imagine, I went on the internet and researched everything about Nicole and Fit Minds. Everything I read and every meeting I had with Nicole convinced me that she was not only an amazing woman who cares deeply about people, but she had founded a great company that was making a difference in the lives of seniors across Canada.

When Nicole agreed I could found Fit MindsUSA, I was thrilled. I bet you can guess who was one of our first clients.

I still sometimes find myself counting down the days I have left with mom. But her days are better. Mom feels empowered. We both feel that instead of dementia taking control of her mind, we are getting some

My mom is why I wanted to found Fit MindsUSA. I’d enjoy the opportunity to tell you more.


Janet Knupp

For Women

Fit MindsUSA provides unmatched opportunities for women to join the business of supporting adults with dementia.

We have designed the company to be ideal for the stay at home mom who wants to work 10 – 25 hours per week. When you join us we will train, support and guide you. We will find you meaningful work close to your home. We will ensure your schedule is flexible to meet your needs and we will pay you competitive wages.

Join a growing team that is making a difference! Apply here.


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