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Fit Minds Programs are based on cognitive stimulation therapy research.

Cognitive stimulation therapy has been shown to be as effective as many dementia drugs. It is an effective option for early intervention and improves quality of life for individuals suffering from dementia.

Our unique program focuses on exercising key areas of cognition while having fun. Meaningful interactions build and support relationships between the senior and the coach.


Interact Individual Program – Person-Centred Care

The Interact® Individual program is a customized and personalized CST program. Delivered one-on-one by certified cognitive coaches, the program focuses on individual needs.

Each dynamic session builds on the previous session. A session includes exercises in five key areas of cognition.

This Fit Minds program:

  • promotes brain health in both healthy people and people with dementia,
  • is tailored to individual’s level of cognition,
  • draws from a database of 2500+ cognitive exercises,
  • provides a positive environment that adds structure and mental and physical stimulation, and,
  • builds confidence through meaningful engagement


Interested in delivering this program? Apply here to be a cognitive coach.

We are hiring in Tampa, Florida.


‘The impact Fit Minds has on the quality of life of our clients is quite remarkable.’

– Sheri Cayouette, Vice President Operations, Retire-At-Home


Fit Minds provides unmatched opportunities for women and men to join the business of supporting adults with dementia.

We have designed the company to be ideal for the stay at home mom or the retiree who wants to work 10 – 25 hours per week. When you join us we will train, support and guide you. We will find you meaningful work close to your home. We will ensure your schedule is flexible to meet your needs and we will pay you competitive wages.

Join a growing team that is making a difference!  Apply here to be a cognitive coach.


‘Helps caregivers to connect and engage … with meaningful interactions that are interesting and stimulating.’

Genese Smith, Fit Minds Cognitive Coach

Our Group Programs – Build Connections and Keep Engaged

Our group programs are social cognitive stimulation therapy program.

The programs provide essential face time for seniors, which is a key element for reducing anxiety and depression.They also encourage cognitive resilience and better brain fitness for seniors.

We work with our partners to support the seniors they care for.


‘Fit Minds stands head and shoulders above the rest.’

Caroline Proulx, Chartwell, Regional Lifestyle and Program Manager


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